This was quite possibly the most unique wedding I have had the honor of capturing. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I constantly had families members and friends check to make sure I was doing okay and didn't need food (which was delicious!). Alvin and Lisa were the sweetest couple who cherished each other and their family and friends who shared their day with them.

Alvin and Lisa planned their day around tradition. Their wedding ceremony and celebration had so many traditional Laos touches. These included the fruit on the tables, the ceremony, and the outfits they were wearing. Their day was centered around bringing honor and joy to their families. And, friends, it was such an honor for me to get capture the details and moments from their special day!

I send all my couples a questionnaire so I can best serve them on their wedding day, and one of the questions I ask on it is whether or not there are any family conflicts or dynamics that I should be aware of. Alvin and Lisa left that question blank, and it's pretty evident why! There is so much unity within their families. It was so refreshing and encouraging to witness how respectful their family interacted with each other. I know that I will remember hard welcomed I felt at this wedding for years to come!

One of my favorite parts of Alvin and Lisa's wedding was the favor they chose for their guests! They rented a photobooth (OneTouch Photobooth) so their guests could take home pictures of them with the bride and groom! There was such a high level of intentionality at this wedding, and it was so special to observe!

Alvin and Lisa, THANK YOU so much for choosing me to capture your Laos ceremony! I hope that you and your families enjoy your pictures from your day. I hope you are able to relax and do something fun before your American ceremony in September!